Westphal-Kelpe Consulting is a full-service restaurant & bar consulting firm. Combining 35 years of restaurant operations experience, James Westphal and Mark Kelpe provide current and hopeful restaurateurs with the tools to succeed in the very competitive hospitality industry.

Westphal-Kelpe can be the perfect partner for your new restaurant concept. Working with each client during the concept development phase, our goal is to create a business plan that is realistic for your concept. Market research and site location analysis are only part of the challenge in opening a new restaurant. Our team will manage the design and construction of your facility for maximum employee efficiency and the perfect guest experience. Our services include all vendor negotiations, asset purchases and human resource needs for the project. In most cases, we oversee the opening of each new restaurant and supervise all areas of operations for the first few months.


Many new operators choose to keep Westphal-Kelpe involved with their business after opening. Our management services are customized according to the clients needs. We have handled 100% of the operational responsibilities for absent owners, or, performed monthly audits and financial services for experienced operators. We recommend at least one year of continued support following a new restaurant opening.

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Many operators can benefit from a fresh set of eyes. Even the most experienced restaurateur needs a different perspective. Our general consulting services will focus on a specific aspect of your business. Training programs, cost controls, customer retention and best accounting practices are only a few areas that Westphal-Kelpe has helped our clients.

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